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Transformational Coaching

Your Voice | Your Story

  • A safe space to tell your story without bias, prejeduice or discrimination – be heard and be seen in your own life!
  • Explore your advance care planning, personal wishes and what’s most important to you
  • Explore your possibilities, not limitations – it’s your life – live it well til your final breath!
  • Explore your cultural and personal identity, influencers and messaging to overcame barriers to holding a positive life and death conversations
  • Turn your lived experiences into learning opportunities
  • Supporting carers, or anyone working in the medical, allied health, seniors, aged care, NDIS, end-of-life care or funeral sectors – Give yourself permission to reflect, contemplate, vent built up-emotions or recharge your resilience…
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Advance Care Planning

Your Life | Your Plan 

  • Advance care Planning is about living a good life with peace of mind
  • Be confident that your voice will be heard and your wishes honoured when it matters most by ensuring your  important documentation in order
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones from  life’s ‘just-in-case’ scenerios
  • Be pro-active and record your personal wishes and advance health care preferences in writing way before you need them…you are never too young, too fit or too active to plan your life and death options and preferences
  • Breakthrough the myths, assumptions and misinformation to ensure you are informed and empowered to advocate on your behalf or for a loved one in your care
  • The research is done for you, saving you time and money…
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End-of-Life Doula Services

Your Pathway | Your  Option

  • Honouring the Dying Persons Bill of Rightsin-line with your values, belief and cultural practices
  • Genuine emotional, spiritual, physical and practical support  delivered with dignity and respect
  • Advocacy in navigating the complex health care systems, community services, end-of-life care resources, and legacy-making options
  • Create more time for you to live your pathway every day with peace of mind and confidence that your voice will be heard when it matters most
  • Protect your loved ones from making gut-wrenchng decisions in a time of grief and trauma… 

Your Pathways Coach will…

  • Honour the Dying Persons Bill of Rights without bias, judgement or discrmination
  • Meet you wherever you are along life’s journey regardless of age, gender, identity, culture, spiritual belief, sexiual orientation or physical abilities
  • Focus on the possibilities and not the limitations
  • Hear you, see you and acknowledge your story
  • Provide non-medical information and emotional, physical, spiritual and practical support services
  • Inform, empower and support you to remain in control of your personal wishes, advance care planning, and end-of-life care preferences, and after death care options
  • Advocate for your rights, research on your behalf and co-ordinate support and service providers 
  • Support you in caring for a loved one that is living with an end-of-life diagnosis, is fragile through aging or has experienced a sudden natural or un-natural death

Your Voice | Your Life | Your Pathway

Hello! I’m Elena

Thank you for visiting Your Pathways Coach (YPC)

YPC is here to support you through life’s journey, whever you are at! Let me help you explore how YPC can inform, empower and support you without bias, judgement or discrimination regardless of age, gender, identity, culture, spiritual belief, sexual orientation or physical abilities.

Is it  time to overcome barriers to holding important death and dying conversations for yourself and with those you love? Are you living with a life-limiting illness or terminal disease or caring for someone who is? Are you frailing? Do you need help ensuring your advance  care planning requirements are in order and that you are well informed of your end-of-life care support and services options? What to plan your legacy or memorial making project? 

Are you wondering how the services of an  End-of-Life Doula and Transformational Coach can support you or someone you are caring for?  Are you seeking  information and resources to support you in living your best life between birth and death with peace of mind and confidence?  Do you need support and advoacy in navigating the complex medical, allied health, disability and/or aged care systems?

Are you caring for someone you love, or working in the funeral industry, health care or end-of-life care space and looking for a safe place to vent without consequence or  recharge your resilence?   

For a non-obligation chat, register your interest or phone (+61) 0457 386 789. 

Looking forward to connecting with you.


The ‘Dash’ Poem

Read by the author, Linda Ellis

” I dedicate ‘Your Pathways Coach‘ to the two souls my siblings and I were lucky enough to call ‘mum’ and ‘Papa’. Known as nonno and nonna to their grand-children and great grand-children, and as Joe and Ida to their many relatives and friends; they lived their – dash – between birth and death being of service to each other, to their family and relatives, and to many lifelong and new friends they met along their life jounery.

Thank you for your presence in our lives and for the many gifts of love, family, culture, compassion and strength.  The greatest gift of all being your courage to hold positive conversations abouth death and dying, and putting your end-of-life Health Care Directives  and personal wishes in writing many years before we needed to honour them.”


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End-of-Life Care Doula Services

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There is no greater peace of mind than holding important conversations and having your preferences recorded many years before you ever need to use them. Services and packages are tailored to suit your current needs and requirements, and range from a one hour session to monthly on-going packages.  Offered via on-line, telephone or in-person depending on your location.

“92% of deaths are expected – yet only 28% have actually had a conversation with loved ones about their end-of-life wishes” – GroundSwell Project

Elena Ragonese

Elena Ragonese

Your Pathways Coach