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What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching is the process of being supported by through a significant change that helps you grow, develop, and ultimately rethink your ‘hardwired’ thoughts, fears and behavioural patterns of the past, that are holding you back today. The underlying premise of transformational coaching is that you will examine everything that could be in service of that transformation. It includes a holistic examination of your life, such as your cultural identity, influencers, and messaging that may be a catalyst or hindrance to significant change. For example, removing fears and blockages to holding open-hearted and enriching death and dying conversations with family and friends.

What is a death and dying conversation?

An open-hearted conversation with family, friends, and individuals within your community on what is important to you when making decisions on your preferred personal health care and end-of-life care planning.

Early conversations can improve the delivery of culturally appropriate and person-centred care; ensuring your voice will be heard when it matters most, your wishes followed, and your loved ones protected from making gut-wrenching conversations at a time of trauma and grief.

Talking about dying might be hard, but it won’t kill you. You might even find that your family is dying to talk.”

How talking about death and dying can make you happy

Angela Fama: How talking about death can make you happy | TED Talk
Why is it important to normalise death and dying conversations with family and friends for an early age?

The reality of the human condition is that unforeseen accidents, physical and mental health challenges, and sudden death do not discriminate; and can happen to any individual from conception to the final breath.

Having open conversations about death and dying allows us to consider how we feel about different options for advance care planning and end-of-life care, how we would prefer to live our final days, and how we want our lives to be celebrated and remembered.

What is Advance Care Planning?

“Advance care planning is the process of planning for your future health care. It relates to healthcare you would or would not like to receive if you were to become seriously ill or injured and are unable to communicate your preferences or make decisions. This often relates to the care you receive at the end of your life.

Advance care planning gives you the opportunity to think about, discuss and record your preferences for the type of care you would receive and the outcomes you would consider acceptable. It helps to ensure your loved ones and doctors know what your health and personal preferences are and that these preferences are respected.” Advance Care Planning Australia

What is End-of-Life Care Planning?

It is care plan that helps you maintain control and ensure your voice will be heard as you, or a loved one, approaches their active dying stage. The goal is to prevent or relieve suffering as much as possible and to improve quality of life while respecting the Dying Person’s Bill of Rights. Generally speaking, you gain peace of mind and confidence that your physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, spiritual issues, and practical tasks will be in line with your values, ethics and personal preferences.

What are the Dying Persons Bill of Rights?

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What is an End-of-Life Doula (EoLD)?
Known by many names, including End-of-Life Navigator, Death Midwife, Death Doula or Earth Angel – an End-of-Life Doula is a non-medical professional specialising in generating open-hearted death and dying conversations for individuals of ages. An EoLD also provides information, education and resources to empower you in organising your advance care planning and end-of-life personal wishes in-line with your values, ethics without bias, judgement or discrimination; assist you to navigate the complex systems of the medical and allied health industry by advocating for your voice to be heard in-line with the Dying Person’s Bill of Rights; and support the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those living with a terminal illness or actively dying, and those who are caring for them.


If you or someone you know are in an emergency situation CALL:

  • 000 | Police, Ambulance, Fire
  • 13 11 44 | LifeLine Australia


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI)

Advanced Care Planning (YouTube)


Aged Care

Carer Support

Covid-19 information

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD) Support

  • CALD Care Services – promoting the rights of people with disability
  • 1800RESPECT | 1800 737 732 (CALD, migrant and refugee experiences of violence)

Death Literacy Organisations


Funeral Service Providers

Grief and Bereavement

Government Departments

Heath Support

Law and Ethics

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

Mental Health Support

National Relay Service – As of April 2021, all users are required to register – here

Organ and Tissue Donation

Palliative Care

Primary Health Network (PHN)

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Let’s Start Talking – TODAY


There is no greater peace of mind than holding important conversations and having your preferences recorded many years before you ever need to use them. Services and packages are tailored to suit your current needs and requirements, and range from a one hour session to monthly on-going packages.  Offered via on-line, telephone or in-person depending on your location.

“92% of deaths are expected – yet only 28% have actually had a conversation with loved ones about their end-of-life wishes” – GroundSwell Project

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