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 Advance Care Planning – don’t be a statistic!

It’s Your Life – If you are 18 years, or 108 years old, and have the capacity to make your own decisions, the time for Advance Care Planning is NOW.

Being pro-active to record your personal wishes and health care preferences years before you need to use them through Advance Care Planning is the single greatest gift you can give yourself, and those who care for you.

Your Pathways Coach (YPC) is here to inform, empower and support in accessing the required Advance Care Planning documentation and information tailored to your specific needs. Have peace of mind knowing your voice will be heard when it matters most. And confidence in the knowledge that if you are unable to communicate for yourself through a serious injury, illness or death; your loved ones are protected from making gut-wrenching decisions at a time of trauma and grief.

Advance Care Planning

“Of those polled aged 18 years+, more than half did not have a Will, with 30% feeling they didn’t have anything of value to leave, forgetting superannuation death benefits, insurances, pets, digital assets and belongings…; and ofthose aged 50+ only, 5% of respondents indicated they had a statement of wishes and only 11% had an advance care directive in place..” research poll published Maurice Blackburn Lawyers (2), 2019

Advance care planning is for YOU whether you are:

  • living on your own or have a village of family and friends
  • starting your first job or fully retired
  • opening your first bank account or financially independent
  • are active and healthy or have existing health conditions, or
  • single with no dependents or raising a family of your own.


Advance Care Planning provides you with the opportunity to consider, discuss and record your personal wishes and health care preferences, in-line with your values and beliefs for that ‘just-in-case’ scenario. For example:

  • What does a good day look like to you?
  • What medical treatments fit in with your life goals and life-style?
  • Who will make health and financial decisions on your behalf if were unable to speak for yourself or lost capacity to make your own decisions?
  • Do you want to remain in control of your options and preferences wherever possible?

The Let’s Start Planning Today sessions are tailored to your personal needs and designed to introduce you to, or review, your advance care planning documentation* including, but not limited to:

  • Advance Health Directive / Advance Health Directive for Mental Health
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Appointing a Substitute Decision Maker

What You Can Expect

YPC provide the information, resources and support to help you complete the advance care planning documentation. All the research is completed for you by YPC, saving you valuable time and money even before you start. The Let’s Start Planning Today sessions will meet you wherever you are at in your life journey without bias, judgement, or discrimination and regardless of age, gender identity, culture, spiritual belief, sexual orientation or physical abilities; and aim to:

  • break through the myths, assumptions and misinformation
  • provide tips, tools and resource materials, including information in various languages
  • assist you explore your personal values and beliefs, personal wishes and health care preferences
  • overcome fears, barriers and blockages to thinking about advance care planning and end of life planning options; and
  • generate open and honest conversations with family, friends, and health care providers.

Getting started is easy


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End-of-Life Doula Services & Support

Generate important conversations, explore advance planning preferences and end-of-life doula support options along your life’s journey

“70% of Australians aged 65 years+ are sidestepping the opportunity to control their end-of-life care… highlighting a looming minefield of family conflict and confusion as a generation of baby boomers enter their twilight years”

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) - 2021

Let’s Start Planning – TODAY


YPC Let’s Start Planning Today services and packages are tailored to suit your current needs and requirements, from one or more minimum 90-minute sessions, through to personalised half-day workshops. Offered via on-line, telephone or in-person depending on your location.

“… of the advance care plans in place by Australians aged 65 years+, only 14% were legally binding with 86% either incomplete, invalid or not legally binding” ACPA, 2021

Elena Ragonese

Elena Ragonese

Your Pathways Coach