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You’re only human! You don’t have to go it alone…Advance Care Planning, exploring end-of-life care options and engaging End-of-Life  Doula services can support you when you need it most.
If you identitfy with one or more of the following human traits Your Pathways Coach is here to assist you wherever you are along your life’s journey.
Advance care planning

Avoiding the scary D-word (or caring for someone who is)?

You’ve got this far ignoring the reality of your mortality or that of a loved one, but deep down inside you know this has to change. You want your voice to be heard when it matters most, and your loved ones protected from making gut-wrenching decisions should an unexpected accident, trauma or death occur.

end-of-life care

Caring for someone you love, or working in the medical, allied heath, seniors, age care, NDIS or funeral sectors?

Are you seeking support with generating death and dying conversations and completing life-planning documentation with those in your care? Or do you simply wish to vent some emotion, without consequence; or recharge your own energy and resilience to continue doing what you do best.

Transformational Coaching - End of life plannning

Transformational Coaching

  • Transformational coaching – Take a holistic view, explore your cultural identity, influencers, and messaging that may be a catalyst or hindrance to significant positive change.
  • Conversational coaching – Turn your experiences into learning opportunities, explore your personal wishes and health care preferences.
  • Storytelling – your opportunity to talk and be heard, or reflect, vent built up emotions or recharge your resilience.
end of life doula services - lets start planning

Advance Care Planning

  • Defining your personal wishes and health care preferences to assist you complete your relevant formal advance care planning documentation
  • Break through the myths, assumptions and misinformation to ensure you are informed and empowered to advocate on your behalf or for a loved one
  • The research is done for you, saving you time and money; and giving you the confidence and ability to navigate the medical and allied health systems, Government services and community resources
advance care planning

Procrastinating protecting yourself and your loved ones through Advance Care Planning?

You understand the importance of putting your personal wishes and health care preferences down in writing before you need to use them, but don’t know where to start. You’re seeking support in reviewing your requirements and exploring your options and preferences without bias, influence or judgement.

end of life planning

Living interstate or abroad and seeking advance care planning or end-of-life doula support and services for a loved one living in Australia?

Or you are seeking to explore advance care planning strategies for yourself via online transformation and conversational coaching.

Living with a Life Limiting Diagnosis

Living with a chronic disease, life-limiting diagnosis, or terminal illness; or are supporting someone who is?

You are emotionally intelligent with an inner strength that has guided you through past challenges, however, right now, you are feeling overwhelmed, under-informed, unseen, and/or unheard in your own life. You want to take back what control you can to live your best life every day.

end-of-life doula

Experiencing deterioration of the body and/or cognitive function?

You wish to organise your advance care documentation, complete your legacy and memorial projects, declutter, transition to retirement or aged care, and explore end-of-life doula support services that honour your outgoing journey.

end of life doula services - lets start exploring

End-of-life Doula Services

Genuine emotional, spiritual, practical and physical support with dignity and respect that honours the Dying Persons Bill of Rights, in-line with your values, belief and cultural practices. Your advocate for navigating complex planning and decision-making end-of-life care requirements, resources and legacy-making – creating more time for you to live your pathway.

Let’s Start Talking – TODAY


There is no greater peace of mind than holding important conversations and having your preferences recorded many years before you ever need to use them. Services and packages are tailored to suit your current needs and requirements and range from a one-hour session to monthly ongoing packages.  Offered via online, telephone or in-person depending on your location.

“92% of deaths are expected – yet only 28% have actually had a conversation with loved ones about their end-of-life wishes” – GroundSwell Project

Elena Ragonese

Elena Ragonese

Your Pathways Coach