” Elena is one of the most tenacious, thoughtful, honest and respectful people I know.

She is a fierce advocate for those in her care. Her interpersonal skills and ability to communicate is of the highest standard, making her a valuable asset to her clients. She is deeply respectful of the boundaries of others, whilst also having an uncanny ability to know when to gently challenge her clients to their pursue goals and reach their full potential. Her ability to quickly build rapport and discuss varied and diverse topics with any person she meets, whether it be in a personal or professional capacity, is always a pleasure to witness. Her open demeanour and welcoming presence invites people in to share their stories with her.

Elena’s strong sense of justice and conviction succinctly complements her deep empathy, enabling her to work tirelessly for the needs of others. Over many years, I have personally witnessed her strong advocacy for her elderly mother where she competently and seamlessly coordinated communication between many different health care providers, avidly researched varying health conditions so she could converse with doctors, nurses and allied health in a clear and concise way, whilst advocating for her mother’s residential care to be of the highest standard. Elena respected her autonomy whilst simultaneously advocating for her mother to live her life in the healthiest and most fulfilling way.

Elena is a lateral thinker which gives her an ability to solve any issue presented to her. Her persistence and determination is best utilised when given a problem that she does not immediately know the answer to, as she will not stop until she has gathered a wide breadth of knowledge about it to ensure that the recommended solution will result in the best possible outcome for the client.

You will not find a more intelligent, determined, respectful, kind, empathetic or fierce advocate for your client than Elena.” Katrina Schwarz, B.Mid, M.Couns